Friday, April 20, 2012

The Zoo

Happy birthday Mom!

This past Wednesday was my Mom’s birthday! Unfortunately, We didn't get to spend the day with her. She got an extra special night out with my Dad at a Yankee game. So in celebration of my Mom’s birthday, since the boys didn’t get to see her, I got them all dressed up in their yankee gear and guilted Grandma a little. The Yankees didn’t win but I hope that my Mom had a great time! She truly deserves a break. She has been helping my Grandfather by taking him to Chemotherapy treatments and she is working full time.

Nap time is a magical time!

That pouty lip is how we got Grandma to feel guilty...We love you
Beautiful sunset
I wanted to say thank so much to my mother! She has always been there for me no matter what im going through in life. She helped me get past the darkest mourning that I have ever felt. She is my rock. She is the life of the party and the comedian of our family. And she is one of the kindest, smartest, most loving person i have ever met.  I have some pretty big shoes to fill and I hope I am at least half of the mother that she has been for me. I love you so much mom. Happy Birthday
My little Angels

Philadelphia Zoo

So today we headed to the Philadelphia Zoo! This was the boys first time to this zoo but this was Noah’s first time he has ever been to a zoo. I was excited to see their reactions to the different animals and things that we would see. Jude recently started watching Curious George and he loves the 5 little monkeys jumping on the bed song. We thought that he would adore the monkeys. but it turns out Jude only likes the fake monkeys and not the real monkeys
One of my favorite things to do as a family is go on spur of the moment day trips. I want to make sure that the boys are exposed to different places, people and experiences. I want them to learn how to act out in public places. I feel growing up my parents use to the do the same things. and I feel that they taught us as kids how to behave and use our manners when we were out in public. And I feel like its working for my kids too. the boys are generally good when we go out to different places and if they are misbehaving its our job as parents to make sure that we correct them or take them out of the situation. 
beautiful wall painting
Jude is bored while we wait to buy our tickets
Jeff and I waiting in line
So this was the first stop at the zoo. this is a monkey exhibit and Jude was excited to see the monkeys that were far away. there was no fear when we were looking at these monkeys.
After that we went into ,I think, the rare primates building. Noah was my little monkey all day. He want to be held the whole time that we were at the zoo. He didn't really notice the animals because they were far away but he was happy to be outside and enjoying all the people around him.
And then we get to this little monkey and when Jude and this monkey lock eyes, Jude starts to freak out! he would scream "DAD!!!!" and then he would claw at Jeff's neck to try to get away from the monkey. Jude has this fear of puppets (he gets that from his Aunt Dannielle) so I'm not sure if this monkey reminded him of a puppet or if he was just scared of it. but then the rest of the time when he saw a monkey, Jude we freak out. poor Jude. I don't know where the fears comes from and we try to comfort him, but it didn't work so we took him out of his scary situation.
Then the cutest moment. Jeff and Jude were looking at the gorilla. Jude put all of his trust in his dad and Jeff was trying to comfort Jude so he could enjoy himself. Jude wasn't afraid this time. He was talking to his dad and making monkey sounds. I felt proud for Jude

My little nose picker in action
Lunch time
Let me tell you something about Noah. Looking back when Jude was his age, Noah is definitely the easiest out of the 2 of them. when he is playing you just need to say hi to him and he will smile and go back to what he is doing, or if Jeff is playing a video game he just want to hold a controller like his dad and he will be content. He is such a happy baby and I'm so happy he is the second. he's going to be such a good little brother when he gets older.
At the zoo you are not suppose to feed the animals while you are there but when you have kids that is kind of impossible. The kids throw stuff and drop stuff on the ground, its just gross. well birds at the zoo made some best friends today and they were my kids. we had 2 ducks, a couple of pigeons, a robin and 2 peacocks come and visit us during lunch. Literally not afraid of us, just taking whatever the kids were throwing on the ground. I was just scared that i was going to get attacked by them.
 Here's one of our peacock friends.

Noah started to get cracking towards the end of the day
Poor Noah was without his binky when we were at the zoo. Jude must have thrown it when we were standing in line
The nastiest thing that i saw at the zoo. The one giraffe was peeing and the other giraffe was drinking it. i have it on video I will have to upload it when i have a chance. Nasty
Jude fell asleep right towards the end of the day.
I love the flamingos 
Noah got a little alone time with mommy and daddy while Jude took a nap in the stroller. We were in the small mammals house. he really enjoyed looking at the little monkeys and squirrels living the trees and he was all smiles. 
Noah pointing out the crocodile
At the end of the day we were ready to head back home. the boys were exhausted and so were Jeff and I. On the way out i saw my favorite Dr Seuss quote "Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better its not." Its so true. unless you care about what going on around you things will never get better they will just stay the same. either with the way people are destroying the environment or how people treat each other. I hope that I raise my boys to care an awful lot and are passionate about what is going on around them so they could also make a change. I would love for Noah and Jude to become activist for Down syndrome supporting each other if not I just want them to be passionate about something and change the world. I want them to follow their hearts and do what ever makes them happy.

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