Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cloudy Day

Grey clouds filled the sky through out the day and the boys and I were getting cabin fever. 

When Jude and Noah get bored they cling to me for entertainment...mostly because I'm the only one that can control the tv remote to turn on Yo Gabba Gabba or Curious George.

one of my favorite things about kids is that they can never get to close watch their favorite shows

once they had enough of the music and the noise they get grumpy and out of control. this means Jude pulling food off of our shelves because he wants to eat because he is bored (mommy does the same thing at times too) and Noah crying to either be held or for his binkie. 

when the grumpiness kicks in this momma needs to get off of facebook and needs to get on their level to play a little more. so then we spend some time reading books, dancing, or chasing after each other in the living room with my camera in hand.
look at my big guys...i adore having almost matching outfits

i love chasing them around with my camera and they seem to love it as well. in order to get a great picture you should see me. i make weird faces and noises to try to get a smile. or i will make up games with Juju like "On your mark, get set, GOOOOOO!" and right before go Jude will smile and i get an awesome picture. with Noah its more simple he will smile at just his brother running around and spinning in circles.

But Nap time is an awesome time. Jude hardly takes naps anymore. when they nap together i finally get on opportunity to catch up on my dvr and reading my book. 

When the boys nap together its magical! even though i totally staged this it still pulls at my heart strings.  
kids sleep in random places...Jude passed out on the floor 

but in all I am glad today was a slower day. a day where I could truly relax and enjoy my children without extra responsibilities. the next couple of weeks are going to be stressful job interviews and doctor appointments. for now i will spend the rest of the night enjoying my family.

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