Saturday, April 14, 2012

Movie Night

Friday morning started off in a rush. I had an hour to get the down stairs "clean". that means finding hiding places for all of my kids toys and finally bring up the basket of clothes that I've been trying to forget about.  We were getting a visitor. Little Collette needed a babysitter and she was coming over to hang out with me and my boys. Jude also had a hearing test that morning so Jeff was left with Noah and Collette for a little, while Jude and I did that.
Princess Collette!
Jude welcomed her with kisses
Jude and I headed to the hospital for his hearing test. if I would have been allowed to bring my camera I would have! it was so cool how they tested him. they put us in a soundproof box. inside it had a little table with blocks in the center and a little chair for Jude to sit on. the chair was positioned in between two speakers, one on the left and one on the right. and each speaker had a light above it to get the kids attention if needed.

The doctor that helped us was so friendly and answered every question that i had and was so kind to Jude. when we were in the box or room whatever you want to call it. the doctor would start making sounds in either of the speakers and then Jude would start to mock him it was too funny. the doctor would go babababa and then Jude would do it right back. 

after we were done in the box. he put something in jude's ear and what it did was it sent a sound to the cochlea and if the cochlea could hear normally it was send the sound back. the doctor said that he is not concerned about his hearing. Jude's ear looked and heard like normal!
 When we got home i relieved Jeff of his baby sitting duties and it was was me and the 3 kiddos. i must say it wasn't as hard as everyone makes it seem to be! but then again Collette was an angel.
 Noah was happy to have someone his own size to play with
I got a little smirk out of her
 Noah and Collette having a baby talk
 At this point my boys were starting to get bored and started doing thing that were bad so it was time to bring out the fun. i took out all of tents that we got as gifts and the kids loved them! Collette was crawling in and out of tunnel the whole time it was adorable

Noah liked it too!
 So we were suppose to go to Becky's drive in but Jeff was concerned that he was going to be tired for work in the morning. so we had a movie night at home with the works. we had popcorn, Jones soda, and some candy. 
 but before the fun could begin Jeff helped his friend Irving with his mac. Jude thought it would be fun to try on his helmet.
 After Irving left, i laid out our outside blanket and some pillows and we were all set. we all laid on the floor of or living room and watched a movie 

About half way through the movie, the kids stopped watching got a little hyper from the soda and treats and we needed to get up and turn on something they liked. it was fun while it lasted!

at the end of the day i am feeling so blessed. I know that things could have been more bumpy for Jude. he could have had heart, thyroid, hearing problems but he is a happy healthy little boy. I thank my lucky stars for his health. I can only imagine what other families are going through. the only things that we have to worry about in the future is Jude's eye surgery and his sleep study. but wow that's it that's all we have to be concerned about we are so blessed.

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