Sunday, April 15, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up: Tents and Cake

there are a lot of things that I have learned having Jude. Jude being my first helped mold me into who i am today and i wonder who i would have been if his story didn't begin the way it did. One of those things that I have learned is not everything is a race. 
Jude throwing the ball out of the tent
 I know that its human nature to want to be the best or be the first to do something. but whats wrong with being in second place or even just finishing the race? 
I love their brotherly bond
 When Jude was was first born i had a hard time reading mothers bragging about what their kids were doing on facebook or reading those baby center emails with what milestones that he should be at.
plastic balls are delicious!
  but one advantage that i did have was i was a new mom and i really had no expectations or experience on what kids should be doing at certain ages
I love Noah excitement!
but when Jude rolled over for the first time or when he took his first steps i definitely did not take it for granted. if only i could bottle up how proud i feel every time he does something new. 

Kiddies found the Balloons at Rylee's first birthday party
 Don't get me wrong it is important to know what milestones your child should be hitting and what age range it should fall under and if they are not meeting you should speak with their doctor. but why must parents compare children?
Noah, Rylee and Nikolas
 In the long run does it make a difference that your child said mama or started walking before someone else's? to even brag about it to make the other person feel inferior? or to test the other person's child to ensure that your kid does what you say they do?
i think its time to get jude a train set
I am so glad that those feelings have left me long ago and i do not have to give into other peoples insecurities. As long as my children are learning, growing, and are happy that is all that matters to me.
this is one of my favorite pictures of Noah
 enough with that rant. As you can see from the above pictures. we had a village of tents all weekend long. the kids just had a lot of fun in them so i didnt put them away when Collette left (or maybe it was just me being lazy)
Mama up!
Today we went to Rylee's first birthday party! We arrived early and of course Jude has took his shoes off on the trip over to the party. as i was getting his shoes on for our walk on over another car had pulled up and we met another girl named Ashley and her son Nikolas. So me and my kids started to walk over to the party and Ashley stopped in her tracks looks at Jude and goes "oh my gosh, he is beautiful!"  

Noah Loved that Dinosaur!
 and I didn't know what to say. of course i said thank you. but normally the people that call him beautiful are friends and family. but a complete stranger out of no where. wow she made my day. I personally think jude is adorable and he completely melts my heart every time he smiles and his almond shaped eyes just turn up he gets me every time.
There's that smile i was telling you about

 I am a very emotional person. i think that i wear my heart on my sleeve. and i think Ashley may have seen it sitting there on it. and she got it. i waited for her to get her son out of the car and walked in with her. on the way over to the house i got all teary eye. another proud moment of mine. Jude is beautiful inside and out and I am proud to parade him through this world
Noah loved that Dinosaur
I don't know why kids are drawn to the tv!
During the party I caught up with her and i dont remember what we were talking about but i told her that Jude had down syndrome. its not something that im ashamed about saying and i hate labeling him but i felt like it was something that she needed to know. and it turns out she works with special needs people as well. and we became instant friends and later that evening we exchanged numbers! how exciting it is to make new friends.
Birthday girl Rylee
The party was super cute lots of babies, presents and cake. and I finally got to shop for a little girl! what a treat that was. The boys and I wandered Target's little girl section for a long time i couldn't decide everything was too stinkin' adorable!
How cute is she!
Jude and Noah having a brother talk
after the party we enjoyed the last couple of hours of the sun in the alley in the back of our house. the kids enjoy ripping out the dandelions and grass and running in the alley

always so happy

My precious Noah and I
Jude playing peek-a-boo in the fence
I love his little face
I know I say this a lot but I am truly lucky. My life could have been so different. I don't think it would have been as rewarding if things were changed. I am madly in love with my kids and what the future is going to bring our way! I hope everyone had an amazing weekend like we did!

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