Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My Loves

I feel time creeping up on me and I would like for it to slow down. My children are growing up right before my eyes and it’s a scary and exciting thing. Like, look at this, Jude just learned how to pick his nose and yes, unfortunately, eat it too.
How and where did he learn to do such a thing? I told him to stop and that its was yucky and Jude repeated back yucky. Jude knows what yucky means because he will come up to me and tell me when his hands are "yucky". So I walked away and when I looked back at him he went back to picking his nose. Lets hope this is just a phase of exploring what is inside his nose and doesn’t put anything up inside of it. 
Noah was sick yesterday with a fever of 102 degrees and he was a cranky baby. He just wanted to be held and snuggled the entire day. When he rested his warm little head on my shoulder I just wanted time to stand still.

Its an amazing feeling when your kids need you to help them feel better. And its not only me that he was looking for to make him feel better. Noah cuddled with his big brother and Jude was so elated. I could just feel how proud he felt that his baby brother needed him.
Jude had an early night last night. He fell asleep around 7:30 on our living room floor. He had preschool in the morning and they did a lot of running around outside. Look at that little guy sleeping in his toddler bed. I remember like it was yesterday that we had to bounce Jude to sleep every night when he was a baby.
Noah, on the other hand, was up pretty late due to a very long nap during the day which helped him to break his fever. He was feeling better, so he stayed up with Mom and Dad and watched Family Guy and American Dad. I swear that no one grows out of cartoons! I think I watch more cartoons as an adult than I did as a child.
This morning after I drove Jude to preschool, I felt bad that Noah was still cooped up in the house. So Noah spent some quality time at the park with his Momma. It’s not very often when I just don’t have both of them with me. And when one of them is gone it’s like I’m missing one of my friends.

Noah enjoyed the time outside but I can tell that he was looking for Jude. Ever since he was born it been Jude and Noah, and Noah didn’t really know what to do without his big brother. We went on the swings, slid on the slide and walked around but I guess it wasn’t the same without watching Jude run around like a silly monkey,
I love wild flowers
Feeling guilty that Jude missed out on our trip to the park, I took Jude outside when Noah went down for a nap. Jude’s new thing that he does is that he goes around to all of the “roses” (flowers) and smells them. when really all he does is a l snot rocket out of his noses. cute and nasty all at the same time.

We found some dandelions in the backyard and I was so excited to show him how if you blew on them they would fly in the wind.

He blew onto the flower and the little seeds blew away and Jude was amazed! This is another moment I wish time would have been slower just so I could soak in his little smile.

Jude going to sleep in the grass

Jude wanted to touch the rim but I am vertically challenged...sorry Jude

Jude was so excited about the dandelion that he wanted to share it with his daddy. I love this fun little moment. They are like the same person. same expressions and happiness. Jude really looks up to his dad.

Time is a scary thing and I do not want to let their childhood to slip through my fingers. They are getting too big way too fast and there is nothing I can do to slow it down. I’m scared that when I am older I will forget how it was like when they were little. Like the cute little things that they did, the way they feel falling asleep in your arms or the way they laugh. I pray that time will slow down for me.

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